Advanced Master Design by Data 18-19 | Sprint workshop: making a deployable structure!
Thematic Pavilion, SOMA Architecture, Yeosu 2012
Movement concept by Knippers Helbig


Taking inspiration from the Thematic Pavilion’s deployable facade system, and in groups of 2 or 3 persons,
  • develop a bending activation system for a deployable facade,
  • design the mechanical system,
  • simulate the deformation within Grasshopper (example def),
  • design, code and wire a responsive electronical process (servo motor + light sensitive resistor for example; coding can be done in Grasshopper with the Grasshopper Firefly plugin, or Arduino),
  • build the system and document the trial & error process (along with electronics, you can use the following processes: 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC, manual tooling),
  • assess the performance of the prototype by picture / point cloud analysis in Grasshopper.


  • a 5 min presentation on thursday 5pm,
  • the documentation on the gitbook,
  • the final physical prototype.


  • Kinetic media façade consisting of GFRP louvers, Jan Knippers et al. (link)
  • Case study of a kinetic shading device for building envelopes, Denisa Buzatu (link)